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How The Program Works

Trade With A Proprietary Trading Firm

Select Your Account Size

Begin your trading journey. Select the account size which best suits your trading requirements, if you want to start big set yourself up with the $50,000 account. If you’d prefer to take things slower check out our $10,000 account option.

Gain Access To Our Traders Room

Once you have purchased your account size you will be given access to your very own traders room where you can see your analysis overview, trading objectives, educational content, trading tools such as position size calculators, CoT Charts and more.

Make Real Money!

Start trading and receive 60% of the profits. Simply follow the risk management rules and you’ll be rewarded. Don’t forget you are automatically enrolled in our Account Growth feature, where your account will be doubled for each 10% profit target reached, up to the value of USD$1.24 million.

Understand Your Trading Goals

Get to know the trading goals that you will be working with based on your account size selection. Meeting these goals shows skill and consistency which are two traits any professional trader should have. 

If you decide you would like a change in brokers you are more than welcome to change at any stage as long as there are no open trades. Traders benefit from the Withdrawal Growth feature which means that when a trader withdraws their profits they receive them as normal to their preferred withdrawal method (PayPal, Bank Transfer or Neteller) but the profits also remain virtually in the account – helping our traders to scale quicker.

Finally, here at DT4X Trader our traders pay no commissions on withdrawals, we cover the fees!


There can be a limit on the amount of money you can earn with your personal trading account. Factors such as limited capital and poor risk management can play it’s part in a traders growth. Our funding program helps you overcome that by providing you with the capital and education to help you succeed and grow as a trader.

Choose one of the account types below to begin your journey as a proprietary forex trader.

Starting Capital
$10,000 $25,000 $50,000

We provide you with the capital to begin your trading journey with us. Once you select the account size you wish to trade on, you will be prompted to select a broker. Here at DT4X we offer a variety of regulated brokers to our traders. Based on our years of experience as traders ourselves these brokers have proven over time to have some of the best spreads and execution speeds in the industry as well as being known for their reliabilty.

We will provide you with your account details to your email you use to join with us when signing up. You then receive 60% of the profits you make on the account and we cover the losses.

Buying Power
$100,000 $250,000 $500,000

Your buying power is displayed here for each account size. For the $10,000 account size your buying power is $100,000, for the $25,000 account your buying power is $250,000 and finally for the $50,000 account your buying power is $500,000. This allows traders to reasonably increase their position sizes while not over risking their account. Good risk management is one of the important factors to a traders success, arguably the most important and by not over-leveraging ones account this can help to create a solid foundation for managing risk well.

Once you are an established trader with us and reach Stage 4 of the Account Scaling you will be entitled to an upgrade of leverage, as by then you have showcased your talents and trading ability. One of the team will then review your request and provide leverage options based on your previous performance.

Trading Platform

Traders can choose from the most popular Forex trading platforms available online. With MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) being both available. Traders can benefit from trading directly from their PC/Desktop or on the go from their android or iOS devices.

Profit Target
$500 $1,250 $2,500

When you join, traders are given a Profit Target to achieve to be eligible for a withdrawal. Achieving these targets while following our risk management guidelines shows consistency and talent. The Profit Target is 5% of the starting account balance and should be achieved within a 30 day period from the date of when the first trade is placed on the account. There is no time requirement placed on traders to make their first trade. If the trader makes less than the 5%, the profits are rolled over to the next trading month.

Traders are also automatically enrolled in our Account Scaling feature. This means that when 10% profit is made on the account the account balance is doubled. Find out more about that under our "Account Scaling" section.

Max Loss
$500 $1,250 $2,500

The Max Loss is the maximum equity loss/drawdown that the account is allowed to drop to. This can be commonly referred to as maximum drawdown in trading as is used by institutions and funds worldwide to determine risk. We take the max loss data directly from the MetaTrader Detailed Report found under Maximal Drawdown to ensure transparency.

We have no daily loss limits to follow. Your Account Analysis area within your Traders Room will give you direct access to how you are doing with regular updates of your drawdown and profit data along with the number of trades you have taken, the currency pairs you have traded and what you have traded most often, how many days you have traded for and more.

Profit Share
60% 60% 60%

This is the amount you are paid each month. You are paid 60% of the profits you generate on the account and the fund receives 40%. Payouts are paid on the 25th of every month to ensure our traders receive profits by the month end or sooner. We offer three withdrawal methods. PayPal, Worldwide Bank Transfer & Neteller. For PayPal payouts are instantly received when sent. For Worldwide Bank Transfer the first payout is typically received within 2-3 business days, once you are then registered with the processor we use future payouts are often received instantly. For Neteller payouts are received instantly when sent by us.

There are no commissions or fees charged for withdrawals, we cover the fees. Payouts are paid when at least 5% of profit is made on the account. If less than 5% is made this is rolled over to the next month.You will not lose the profit you have made, it will just be carried forward to following months until the amount reaches 5% of your funded amount.

Account Scaling
$1.24 million $1.24 million $1.24 million

The Account Scaling feature is an incentive we use to allow talented traders to grow quickly with us. Unlike trading with your own funds where it can take many years to reach our Account Scaling levels this allows you to potentially grow quicker while also not risking your own capital as we bear the loss. All traders begin at FM Level 1 which is the account level you join at. Once the Account Scaling Target is reached, traders are progressed to FM Level 2. When 10% profit of the balance at FM Level 2 is made, traders are progressed to FM Level 3. Traders will be notified about this automatically and their account size will be doubled. Below is an example of the Account Scaling feature:

FM Level 1: $50,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 2). Trader profits $5,000 and is progressed to Stage 2.
FM Level 2: $100,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 3). Trader profits $10,000 and is progressed to Stage 3.
FM Level 3: $200,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 4). Trader profits $20,000 and is progressed to Stage 4.
FM Level 4: $400,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 5). Trader profits $40,000 and is progressed to Stage 5.
FM Level 5: $800,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 6). Trader profits $80,000 and is progressed to Stage 6.
Portfolio Controller: $1,240,000 Account Size. Congratulations! This is the final stage and when traders reach this stage with us they are given the title of Portfolio Controller.

As well as any profits made on their account, Portfolio Controllers are offered a fixed salary of $5,000 a month. Portfolio Controllers are offered the chance to mentor our traders and we will assist you in building your brand going forward.

Withdrawal Growth ™

Our exclusive Withdrawal Growth feature allows our traders to grow quicker while not eating into their profits. When you withdraw your profits and are paid out, the profits still virtually remain in your account, (you cannot withdraw this profit again). This allows our traders to trade with a larger margin going forward than they would have if the profit was also deducted from the platform balance.

News Trading

News trading is allowed and there is no restrictions on trading the news at any time throughout the day.

Overnight Trading

Overnight trading is permitted during the week and you can hold positions open over the weekends. There are no trading hours requirement throughout the day that you have to trade between.

Educational Content ($349.00 Value)

Traders are given access to our Traders Room where they are provided with over 20+ trading videos from how to use the MetaTrader plaftorm to risk management and trading setups. As well as the educational videos, resource links are provided along with pip calculator tools, position size calculator tools, charts, economic calendar and more. This is updated regularly to provide the best possible experience to our traders. At DT4X we pride ourselves in not just being a prop fund but being a company where we educate our traders with knowledge which you can carry throughout your trading journey.

Trader Support & Community

Traders are provided with 24/7 access to our support and we are available via Live Chat, Email and Telegram for any queries (find out more about this on our Contact page). You are also provided with access to our Facebook community where you can talk and chat with other funded traders.

Trading Instruments
All Forex Pairs, Gold & Silver
All Forex Pairs, Gold & Silver
All Forex Pairs, Gold & Silver

You are welcome to trade all the Forex pairs that the broker offer as well as Gold & Silver. You can trade a combination of minors, majors and exotic pairs. You may hedge any pair and we have no restrictions on strategies such as scalping.

Once Off Fee
$345 $465 $645

We don't believe in charging our traders continual monthly fees as quite simply that just eats into your future profits. Instead to provide clarity, we simply charge a once off fee before you are provided with your funded account. There are no additional fees to pay whatsoever.


DT4X Trader – Funded Trader Interview

Watch our video with Steven and see how his approach to risk management and trading allowed him to become consistently profitable with us!


Frequently Asked

Who can join DT4X Trader?
We accept traders from around the globe, even the US. Worldwide residents are welcome!
I'm from the US, can I trade with your brokers?

Yes, anyone can trade with our brokers (given you are over the age of 18). We are the company and the trading accounts are in our name. Your account with us is in your name and you are a contractor/trader for our firm.

What brokers do you work with?

Traders can choose between FXChoice, IC Markets, FX Open and Hugosway. And benefit from no commissions for withdrawals.

What are the spreads like?
The spreads with the brokers we work with are some of the best on the market. You can view the live market spreads and compare for each of these brokers here:,1
If I make 10% profit and decide to withdraw will my account still be doubled?

Yes, your account size will still be doubled when you have made a profit of 10% on the account regardless of withdrawals. 

Account Sizes

Select your account size you can begin right away after you join or if there is a particular event you wish to avoid you can wait until that is finished. There is no time requirement to begin. You can choose to start today or even one year from now!