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Dear trader,

As part of our ongoing commitments to ensure customer safety we kindly ask that you provide additional information to help us verify your profile.

Please send us an email to with the following documents and information:

- Your full name that matches the name on your order with us.

- Your proof of identification. This can be a Drivers Licence, Passport or National ID. The identification document should not be expired.

- Your proof of address. Which can be one of the following:
- Utility bill (gas, electric, satellite television, landline phone bill) issued within the last three months (mobile phone bills are not accepted).
- Bank, Building Society or Credit Union statement or passbook dated within the last three months (credit card statements are not accepted).
- Original mortgage statement from a recognised lender issued for the last full year
- Local authority council tax bill for the current council tax year

- A selfie holding a piece of a paper with the text "DT4X Trader" written on it.

Once received our team will work to verify your account as soon as possible and you will then regain full access to your account.

Thanks for your patience,

DT4X Trader

Overall Trend for EurCad is Bullish, sellers are trapped and we see market makers returning to the bullish trend. Market has formed a W at the bottom, now we wait for a break and retest of the 1.5655 level for further confirmation of a buy. The green lines represent the different TP zones at Fibonacci levels. SL is just below the last spike at the second leg of the W formation.

<a href=””></a> – 1hr Chart

Adhere to strict money management rules.