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Updated Terms And Conditions


Trader’s should take notice that changes will be made to our Terms and Conditions with effect from 14th January, 2022. If you do not agree to our changes you should cease to use our website and our Program facilities. The Terms and Conditions and trading rules of DT4X Trader are posted on our website in a very transparent manner and can be viewed for further information here (link to T&C) and here (link to FAQ). It is the sole responsibility of each Trader to read the Terms and Conditions and trading rules in full and ensure that they observe all the Terms and Conditions and trading rules of DT4X Trader in full. Trader’s should clarify any doubts about the Terms and Conditions and trading rules before they commence the Program. Traders are fully responsible for their own actions and inactions and are fully accountable for such actions and inactions. It is not a sufficient excuse for a Trader to claim that they did not see, read or understand DT4X Trader’s Terms and Conditions and trading rules. We wish our Traders every success for their participation in our Program..


Trading Rules

Can I Hold Positions Overnight?

Yes, you are allowed to hold positions overnight during the week and also over the weekend. There are no trading hours requirements.

What Currency Pairs & Instruments Are Allowed?

Traders can trade all the currency pairs available on the MT4 or MT5 platform. Traders can also trade Gold & Silver. Traders cannot trade indices, energies, stocks or cryptocurrencies.

What Leverage Is Allowed?

Leverage can be a great tool to help manage risk, and a great tool also to help grow accounts however most traders over leverage their accounts. Here at DT4X Trader we aim to help educate traders on the importance of risk management within trading and starting with the correct leverage is one of the basic risk management processes to learn about.

We offer 1:10 leverage on all our accounts for the first stage of funding (before the account scaling feature is used). Once traders reach stage two (FM Level 2), this can be increased to 1:50 on request. 

What Happens If I Do Not Make The 5% Profit Target?

As long as the rules are followed, nothing will happen to your account if you make less than 5% profit for the month (our trading month is calculated from the 25th to 25th of each month).  If you make less than the 5% your profits are simply rolled over to the following month in hope that it makes it easier for you to then become closer to the 5% target. 

You will not fail the program if you do not meet the 5% target.


Is There Any Consistency Rule?

To assist in your development as a consistent Trader, trading activity on your account is required on a minimum of ten (10) trading days in every payout period. In addition, we also have a consistency rule to ensure that you gain experience trading in the market with a consistent risk profile. Our consistency rule requires that you maintain your lot size at not less than 50% of the average lot size of the lapsed period for each payout period. For example, if a trader trades with an average of 2 lots over 5 days, you cannot trade lower than 1 lot or higher than 3 lots (50% variance of 2 lots) over the following days. You are welcome to calculate your average lot size on a daily rolling basis. What you cannot do is enter numerous micro trades (e.g. 0.01 or 0.02 or 0.03 etc.) in an effort to artificially reduce your average lot size. That would amount to ‘gaming the system’ and is unacceptable conduct.

The formula to work out the average lots would be as follows;

(Total number of lots used over the period) / (number of trades over the same period). For example if you traded 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 0.75 and 0.40. Total number of lots = 2.90. Total number of trade during the period = 5

So, 2.90 / 5 = 0.58 lots. Therefore 0.58 lots would be the average lots traded over this period and you should maintain no more than a 50% variance of this lot size.

Are EA's (Expert Advisors) Allowed?

EA’s (Expert Advisors) may be used – however they require approval from our risk management team. If you wish to use an EA  please submit a summary of how the EA operates along with a minimum of three months trading history of the EA to [email protected]

For the EA history, we accept either one of the following:

– MetaTrader Detailed Report. Please don’t confuse this with the standard MetaTrader report. You can find the correct report by opening your MetaTrader Platform (on desktop/PC only) then go to “Account History” then right-click and select “Save As Detailed Report”. 

– Myfxbook performance history, you can simply send us the myfxbook link. 

– FXBlue performance history, again you can simply send us the fxblue link. 

Please note if no trading history of the EA is provided your request may be ignored due to the large number of requests. 

Is A Stop Loss Required?

To help aid with risk management we require our traders to use a stop loss for every trade (including pending orders, market execution, limit/stop orders etc.).  As the program is essentially an instant funding model without the need for challenges or tests appropriate risk management should be used to demonstrate your ability to manage risk. 

Each stop loss must be no more than 2% of the current account balance at the time the trade is placed, it can of course be less than 2%. We have tools available to help you in your member area such as our Position Size Calculator or you are welcome to use your own methods to calculate the appropriate stop loss used.

How Is The Max Loss Calculated & Is There A Max Daily Loss?

We currently have no max daily loss rules. We operate on a max loss only basis. We take all our data directly from the MetaTrader Detailed Report to ensure transparency and the max loss data we use can be found under “Maximal Drawdown” on this report.

The drawdown calculation method is similar to trailing drawdown. For example, on a $50,000 account the max loss is $2,500. This means that $2,500 cannot be lost in the form of equity or balance at any time regardless of the profit on the account. The max loss is increased when the account is doubled.

Is Scalping Allowed?

Scalping is allowed, however every profitable trade must close with at least 5 pips (50 points for gold and silver, as gold and silver measure pips slightly differently to standard currency pairs, however 50 points equals 5 pips essentially).

How Many Trades Can I Open?

To avoid overtrading, each trader can have a maximum of 5 open trades at any one time. This refers to active market orders, so a maximum of 5 market executed trades (trades that have not activated included pending limit/stop orders are not included in the maximum 5 open trades rule until they are activated).

About DT4X Trader

How To Begin?

After you join, you will gain access to your Traders Room where you will be able to access your DT4X trading account objectives along with analysis tools, economic data, education, and more. You can begin when you are ready, there is no maximum or minimum time requirement.

Your MT4/MT5 login details will be delivered to your registered email within 1-2 business days. 

You can’t receive our funding based on your performance outside the program. The process we have in place is there to be sure that your trading skills match our requirements and to ensure we both are a good fit for one another.

Who Is DT4X Trader?

By traders, for traders is our motto here. DT4X Trader is a project that is looking for successful traders. Our educational applications, account analysis and customer support are here to guide our traders. Upon joining, traders become a member of the  DT4X Proprietary Trading firm and you can remotely manage up to 1.24m USD by using our Account Scaling feature.

As a DT4X Trader,  you keep 60% of the profits you make. The company covers any losses on the account.

Who Can Register With DT4X Trader?

We accept traders from around the globe, even the US. Worldwide residents are welcome!

Where Are We Registered?

GREATGADGETZ LTD T/A DT4X TRADER is a registered company in Scotland, United Kingdom. Company number SC597488.

You are welcome to come and visit us!

Is DT4X Trader A Broker?

No, DT4X Trader is not a broker nor do we accept deposits from traders.

Which Trading Platform & Broker Can I Use?

We allow you to trade with MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5). For brokers, traders can choose between HugosWay, IC Markets, RoboForex, FXOpen, and FX Choice. And benefit from no commissions for withdrawals.

Is It Possible To Change My Trading Platform or Broker?

Yes, if you decide you are not happy with the trading conditions you are welcome to change this. To do this please contact us so we can help set things up for you. You can reach us on live chat or by email; [email protected]

Please note, if the max loss (maximum drawdown of equity/maximal drawdown) is 3% or more, the account will not be suitable for a broker change. You can view this data directly from your MetaTrader Detailed Report under “Maximal Drawdown”.


Do You Provide Education?

Yes, as we feel a good education is paramount when it comes to continued success as a trader. Along with that we provide a variety of traders tools and applications to assist you. 

We currently have over 30 videos created by leading analysts and traders (some of whom have worked with leading forex websites such as DailyFX and FXEmpire). Our education material is suitable for beginners and expert traders alike and includes videos from how to correctly use the MetaTrader platform to profitable trading strategies that our educators still use to this day.

We also have various resources available for you to get your teeth into including CoT Charts, Live Economic Calendars, and much more.

 Our education doesn’t stop there, our team are constantly adding to our educational content and reviewing it to ensure the best content is provided to our users. 

 Funding Process

How Do Traders Request A Profit Withdrawal?

We abide by the highest code of ethics concerning traders’ payments. We ensure that every funded trader is paid once a month (on the 25th of every month). We are always enthusiastic about paying our traders timeously each month. Withdrawals are available via Worldwide Bank Transfer, PayPal, Cryptocurrency & Neteller. When withdrawals are made and the trader receives the profit to their requested payment method – the profits also remain virtually in the Trading Account, allowing you to trade with larger lot sizes should you wish to. Once the 5% profit target is achieved, traders can request a withdrawal.

How Do I Receive a Funded Account?

Simply select the account size you wish to join with. For example, you can choose between the Basic Account, Advanced Account & Pro Account. Once you have ordered your desired account and completed the checkout process you will be sent your account details within 1-2 business days. These details will be sent to your registered email address you used when placing your order. Please make sure to check all mail folders including junk mail as although not common, from time to time emails can be received in here.

When Can Traders Request A Profit Withdrawal?

Our trading month runs from the 25th of the previous month to the 25th of the new month.  You can request a payout at any stage up until  the 24th of the month at 23:59 GMT (UK/London Time). 

How Much Will I Trade As A DT4X Trader?

You can begin with trading $10,000, $25,000 or $50,000.  For every 10% profit target reached your account size is doubled. The 10% profit target is calculate based on your starting account size for that stage. The accounts provided are simulation accounts which are connected to our master accounts.

If you wish to trade with more capital, you can allow for our Account Scaling to kick in. Where at 10% profit your account size will be doubled!

What Happens If I Break The Rules?

If you break any of the guidelines, the account will no longer be funded by the DT4X Proprietary Trading firm. You can try again and order a reset if you wish to become a DT4X Trader. If you break the rules, your initial fee paid is lost so please trade well and follow the rules. Our trained customer support team are on hand via Live Chat, Email and Telegram 24/7 so please reach out if you have any questions. You can also refer back to this page at any time for extra help.

How Does The Withdrawal Growth™ Feature Work?

Our exclusive Withdrawal Growth feature allows our traders to grow quicker while not eating into their profits. When you withdraw your profits and are paid out, the profits still remain virtually in your account. This allows our traders to trade with larger lot sizes going forward than they would have if the profit was also deducted from the MetaTrader platform balance.

How Does Account Scaling Work?

The Account Scaling feature is an incentive we use to allow talented traders to grow quickly with us. Unlike trading with your own funds where it can take many years to reach our Account Scaling levels this allows you to potentially grow quicker while also not risking your own capital as we bear the loss. All traders begin at FM Level 1 (Fund Manager Level 1) which is the account level you join at. Once the Profit Target is reached, traders are progressed to FM Level 2. When 10% profit of the balance at FM Level 2 is made, traders are progressed to FM Level 3.  Below is an example of the Account Scaling feature:

FM Level 1: $50,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 2). Trader profits $5,000 and is progressed to FM Level 2.
FM Level 2: $100,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 3). Trader profits $10,000 and is progressed to FM Level 3.
FM Level 3: $200,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 4). Trader profits $20,000 and is progressed to  FM Level 4.
FM Level 4: $400,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 5). Trader profits $40,000 and is progressed to FM Level 5.
FM Level 5: $800,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 6). Trader profits $80,000 and is progressed to Portfolio Manager.
Portfolio Manager: $1,240,000 Account Size. Congratulations! This is the final stage and when traders reach this stage with us they are given the title of Portfolio Manager.

As well as any profits made on their account, Portfolio Managers are offered a fixed salary of $5,000 a month. Portfolio Managers are offered the chance to mentor our traders and we will assist you in building your brand going forward. Withdrawals do not affect the Account Scaling process and there is no minimum balance required to be retained in the account before this feature is applied.

How Do Profit Payouts Work?

Traders are eligible to receive payouts/withdrawals in increment sections of 5%.

For example; 

You can request a payout once you reach 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% profit of your starting account balance. The payout amount is not limited to 20% and of course it can be more.  If you make 32% profit in the one month you would be eligible to receive 30%. 

So, if you purchased a $100,000 account size and made $5,030 USD profit you can request a withdrawal for $5,000 (5% of $100,000). Your 60% profit share would then be $3,000 (which is 60% of $5,000).

If you make less than 5% profit, your profit is rolled over to the next month.

When Is The Deadline For Sending An Invoice?

You can request a payout from the 25th of the previous month to the 24th of the current month, no later than 23:59 GMT (UK/London Time) on the 24th.

Can I Receive A Payout To Another Person Or Company?

 No, as part of our KYC process you cannot receive a payout to an individual or company who is different from the name of the registered DT4X Trader account holder, this is regardless if the company belongs to you. 

We currently only accept individuals onto our program. Groups and companies are not permitted. 

Account Details

How Much Capital Will I Be Allocated As A DT4X Funded Trader?

You will trade the account size you select when you complete the checkout process. You will start with either the Basic account size which is $10,000 USD, the Advanced account size which is $25,000 USD or the Pro account size which is $50,000 USD. Should you show good performance your account size could be increased to $1.24 million. You can change the currency of each account size and select your desired broker on the checkout page. 

Getting Paid

The account profit split is done on a monthly basis, on the 25th of every month. You can request a payout from within your member area. The payouts are processed within 1-2 business days upon receiving the Invoice. Traders must submit their ID documents for as a company we have a duty to comply with AML regulations. You can receive your profits by regular bank wire transfer, Paypal or Neteller. We don’t charge any commissions for withdrawals.

When you generate 5% or more profit of the account balance (based on the balance on the 1st of the month), we calculate your 60% profit share and pay you out.
With the Withdrawal Growth feature your profits will be paid to you as normal, but will also remain in the account virtually so you benefit from the best of both worlds and have extra margin to trade with for the next month.

What About Tax?

You will be eligible for 60% of your profits. You are responsible for your tax affairs. If you are ever unsure, it’s best to speak to an accountant.

Do I Require A Licence To Trade Here?

No you don’t need a licence to trade with us. As we do not use third party funds and while operating as a proprietary  fund we are able to hire any service providers for our fund.

What Is The Relationship Between Us As A Company & You As A Trader?

The relationship between you and ourselves is that you are the Contractor (Trader) of the firm and we are the Provider (The Company). Traders can become affiliates of DT4X Trader through our Affiliates Program Affiliate Page – DT4X ( but that is a separate matter.

I've Ordered, How Do I Log In To My Member Area?

You can login to your TRADERS ROOM as soon as you have completed your ordered. Once you have completed the check out process, simply click TRADERS ROOM and login. Then select PROFILE and this will take you to your member area.

Billing & Fees

Do You Charge Any Other Extra Fees?

There are no extra fees. The initial joining fee for the DT4X Trader account, is a once-off fee only and includes access to our education, trading tools, support and more. There are no hidden fees with us whatsoever.

How Many Accounts Am I Allowed?

Every trader is allowed a maximum of 2 accounts at a time when the trading account is active.

I've Paid For The DT4X Trader Account When Will I Receive Access?

If we receive your payment during our business hours, we process your DT4X Trader account as soon as possible. If we receive your payment during our night (GMT) or weekend, we process your DT4X Trader account the following morning when our office opens or on Monday – in case you pay during the weekend.  You will receive full access to your account, educational content and more within 1-2 business days.

Once you receive your login details via email you can login to your account by using the TRADERS ROOM menu option. 


How Can I Pay & How Are Withdrawals Paid?

Currently payments can be made using PayPal, Cryptocurrency, or Debit/Credit card. Payouts are available via PayPal,  Worldwide Bank Transfer, Neteller and Cryptocurrency.

Do You Accept US Residents?

Yes, we do.

How Do I Get Started?


Chat With Us Live

Or visit our home page and select the plan that suits you best.

Gain Access

Your trading account will be setup based on the information you provided. As soon as you start trading we will assess your performance and regularly update your progress inside the Traders Room.

DT4X Funded Trader

Congratulations on becoming a Funded Trader! You will now receive 60% of the profits while we cover the losses, go you!

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