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Top 10 Benefits Of Instant Funding

We have included the top 10 benefits of being funded instantly with DT4X Trader. There are many benefits and by providing instant funding for forex traders this shortens the timeframe to when our traders receive their profits as it cuts out the need for evaluations or test periods. At DT4X Trader, client satisfaction is important to us and below we explain just some of the benefits of trading with a top proprietary trading firm.

What We Do

DT4X Trader is one of the best proprietary trading firms in USA that offers hassle-free funding options to experienced and non-experienced traders without any formalities. Traders can receive instant funding without showing verified past performance or passing an evaluation test. Instead, they only need to access the proprietary trading firms no capital contribution page and fill out the required details. Being one of the top proprietary firms in UK, USA and other parts of the world, DT4X Trader works with top regulated brokers. Hence, its traders have a wide range of choices while choosing a broker.


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Our Benefits


At most proprietary trading firms, a proprietary forex trader needs to go through a complex filtration process. In contrast, our funded accounts are readily available to proprietary forex traders in UK and other parts of the world.

withdrawal growth™

All traders benefit from our Withdrawal Growth feature, which means that when traders withdraw and receive profits – the profits remain virtually in the account. This allows traders to trade with higher margin and increased lot sizes should you wish to.


The DT4X Trader company offers free withdrawals to all our traders. No transaction cost is involved and this ensures our traders retain more of the profit. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees. or additional costs.

we bear any loss

As well as no hidden fees, our traders do not cover any losses as well. That means being a proprietary forex trader, you receive the share in profits only, and the company bears all the losses alone. 

flexible account types

At present, DT4X Trader offers three types of accounts. Clients have the option to select one that fits their trading needs. This allows traders to start from a smaller account size or they can start with up to $50,000.


Proprietary forex traders can double his/her account after reaching predefined profit targets. Also, unlike other propriety trading firms in USA, we set realistic thresholds. Such as, 10% profit of the account balance.


DT4X Trader profits disbursement process is quite simple. Clients receive their share on the 25th of each month without any if’s and buts. Traders can receive via Bank Transfer, Paypal or Neteller. Traders can request payouts from inside their member area.


DT4X Trader offers detailed account insights, enabling traders to review their performance. The feature helps proprietary forex traders to know their mistakes and help traders to  avoid repeating them in the future.  

User-friendly trading environment

Besides offering the most popular trading platforms – MT4 & MT5, we  offer seamless trading conditions with no restrictions on scalping and hedging strategies.  We are among a few proprietary trading firms in UK with few trading restrictions. 

the best spreads & Trading conditions

Since the company offers ECN spreads, traders can rest assured of transparent pricing along with instant trade execution.  

In a nutshell, we can say that fewer formalities, instant funding, and transparent pricing make DT4X Trader one of the best proprietary trading firms for beginners as well as professional traders.

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

We started DT4X Trader with the vision of creating a proprietary trading solution that provides traders with the opportunity to receive funding, regardless of their location with little cost to the trader.

Industry Leading Education

Our trading educators have over 30 years of combined industry experience. Our analysts have worked with leading forex website’s including DailyFX,, and FX Empire.

Full Transparency For Traders

One of our core values here at DT4X Trader is transparency. That’s why we take all our data directly from the MetaTrader detailed report and we advise our traders on how they can access this at anytime.

Multiple Languages & Support

As well as 24/7 support via Live Chat, Telegram and Email Support our website offers a range of support in 9 languages for trades around the world. If you require support on any language not listed feel free to contact our helpful support team.

“There is time to go long, time to go short and time to go fishing.” – Jesse Livermore