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Some max loss data may not be updated. Our technical team are aware of the issue and are intensely working on it. For the time being, you can view your max loss data directly from your MT4 detailed statement under "Maximal Drawdown". Thanks for your patience.

Our account insights page is currently undergoing maintenance. There are a small number of accounts that are affected by this. If you are affected, please take your Max Loss data directly from the MetaTrader Detailed Report statement under Maximal Drawdown for the time being. You can find out how to access this here: (please ensure you click "Save As Detailed Report"). We apologise about the inconvenience.

Account Analysis

Please do not change the trading platform password provided in the email for your new account. Doing so will result in disqualification from the program.

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Max Loss
$ 0

Advanced Statistics & Trading Objectives

Balance:$ 0
Equity:$ 0
Floating PL:$ 0
Start Date:0
Account Type:
Account Scaling:FM Level 1
Trading Days:0
Profit/Profit Target:$ 0/ $ 2500
Max Loss/Allowed:$ 0/ $ 2500
Max Daily Loss:$ 0