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Updated Terms And Conditions


Trader’s should take notice that changes will be made to our Terms and Conditions with effect from 14th January, 2022. If you do not agree to our changes you should cease to use our website and our Program facilities. The Terms and Conditions and trading rules of DT4X Trader are posted on our website in a very transparent manner and can be viewed for further information here (link to T&C) and here (link to FAQ). It is the sole responsibility of each Trader to read the Terms and Conditions and trading rules in full and ensure that they observe all the Terms and Conditions and trading rules of DT4X Trader in full. Trader’s should clarify any doubts about the Terms and Conditions and trading rules before they commence the Program. Traders are fully responsible for their own actions and inactions and are fully accountable for such actions and inactions. It is not a sufficient excuse for a Trader to claim that they did not see, read or understand DT4X Trader’s Terms and Conditions and trading rules. We wish our Traders every success for their participation in our Program..

Why Trade With DT4X Trader? One Of The Best Forex Proprietary Firms


withdrawal growth™



DT4X Trader is one of the best proprietary trading firms for beginners and experts alike. The firm is registered under the company number SC597488 with the U.K.’s government registrar Companies House. The company offers an initial investment of up to $50,000 to help traders get started instantly. Not to mention, the firm does not require traders to go through a complex evaluation process or pass an assessment test. Accessing your funded account with DT4X Trader is as easy as choosing your preferred account type and filling out the registration form. 

We Have Developed Technology To Help Traders Succeed

Here are just some of our key advantages that traders can benefit from


Over 30+ videos to help you on your forex journey. Including Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Live Trading Setups and Installation Setups. Plus  Plenty of educational resource links for our traders to view.


Custom trader tools to assist your trading. Our trader tools include Account Insights – allowing you to have an indepth look into your performance with even a breakdown of the exact number of trades you have taken and the currency pairs you have traded.


Traders benefit from our Withdrawal Growth feature. This means that when a trader withdraws their profits and receives their payout, the funds remain virtually in the trading account. This allows to create an extra drawdown buffer for the trader helping our traders to grow their accounts quicker.


The Account Scaling feature is an incentive we use to allow talented traders to grow quickly with us. Unlike trading with your own funds where it can take many years to reach our Account Scaling levels this allows you to potentially grow quicker while also not risking your own capital as we bear the loss. Traders can be funded up to $1.24 million.

Why Should I Choose DT4X Trader?

More Benefits

Key Distinctions

DT4X offers reliable funded accounts to traders from all parts of the world. 

  1. Traders are allowed to use hedging and scalping techniques.
  2. The proprietary trading firm works with leading regulated forex brokers.
  3. Proprietary forex traders do not need to pay recurring fees except the once-off subscription price.
  4. Profits are disbursed on the 25th of each month.
  5. While the maximum leverage is 1:50, traders can have their account size as hefty as 1.24 Million U.S. Dollars. 

 iWhy Trade With DT4X Trader?

Verified Reviews & Trusted By Traders Globally

There are many proprietary trading firms no capital contribution available online that offer ready-to-use funded accounts. Unfortunately, complex pre-requisites, hidden costs, and safety concerns make most of them a terrible choice for traders. Therefore, finding the top proprietary trading firm is crucial. DT4X Trader is one of the best proprietary trading firms in the U.K. The company has a 4.5-star rating by genuine users at TrustPilot. Besides flexible account types, the company offers a wide range of payment methods, making it easier for proprietary forex traders to get started right away. In addition, the company works with top-rated brokers around the world. Thus, traders can choose their favourite brokers from the list of available options on the registration page. The best part is that you don’t need to contribute your capital to start trading forex. A one-time subscription fee would do it all. 

 Another feature that makes DT4X Trader one of the best proprietary trading firms for beginners is that we support MT4 and MT5, two leading trading platforms in the forex industry. Similarly, the proprietary trading firm allows all trading strategies, including scalping and hedging. Traders can perform trading in forex pairs as well as gold and silver.

 The spreads offered at DT4X Trader are ECN by default. The company does not restrict proprietary forex traders from trading news and holding overnight positions. Holding positions overnight during the week and during weekends is permitted. DT4X Trader offers maximum leverage of up to 1:10. However, traders can have access to increased leverage after demonstrating good performance. Clients can also double their account balance after reaching the target profit in each account type. DT4X Trader is also one of the best proprietary trading firms in USA as it supports brokers who accept USA-based traders allowing US traders to trade with a broker they are familiar with. However, as the trading account is in the company name traders from any location can trade with any broker shown on the website.