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We Fund The Best Traders

Our Portfolio Program Allows Traders To Receive 15% Of Profits During The Assessment Phase.

Receive Up To 80% Of The Profits

Start with up to $100,000, this can be increased to $1.24 million should you show good performance.

Custom Analysis

Receive access to professional analysis tools to track your trading performance and education.
IC Markets

Steps To Success


Select your account size



Select from one of the account sizes available below, based on what suits your needs. There are three account sizes available to begin with; Basic, Advanced, Pro & Expert.  During the assessment traders receive 15% of the profits paid out bi-weekly. Once funded you could receive up to 80% of the profits.


Sign up

Simply proceed to the checkout page and order your new account.  And don’t forget, there are no monthly fees or hidden costs to worry about.




     DT4X Trader

Congratulations, welcome to DT4X Trader! As soon as you complete the sign up and payment process, you will be an independent trader of DT4X Trader – there is nothing provisional about it. You will receive your login details within 48 hours and you can begin trading and start earning straight away. 

We Fund Good Traders


DT4X Trader created a proprietary trading firm to help traders grow and become successful from anywhere in the world.


Upon successful joining, you are guaranteed a placement in the DT4X Proprietary Trading firm as an independent trader allowing you to remotely trade a funded account of up to 1.24m USD. Our traders benefit from; No Max Daily Loss, Zero loss liability. No monthly costs. No hidden fees. Premium Education. Custom Analysis & Charts. Our education and customer support is here to guide you on your endeavour to financial independence.


There can be a limit on the amount of money you can earn with your personal trading account. Factors such as limited capital and poor risk management can play it’s part in a traders growth. Our funding program helps you overcome that by providing you with the capital and education to help you succeed and grow as a trader.

Choose one of the account types below to begin your journey as a proprietary forex trader.

Starting Capital
$10,000 $20,000 $50,000 $100,000

We provide you with the capital to begin your trading journey with us. Once you select the account size you wish to trade on, you will be prompted to select a broker. Here at DT4X Trader we offer a variety of regulated brokers to our traders. Based on our years of experience as traders ourselves these brokers have proven over time to have some of the best spreads and execution speeds in the industry as well as being known for their reliability.

We will provide you with your account details to your email you use to join with us when signing up. During the assessment phase you will receive 15% of the profits. Once funded you then receive up to 80% of the profits you make on the account and we cover the losses.

Up To 1:500 Up To 1:500 Up To 1:500 Up To 1:500

Choose your desired leverage. We offer leverage sizes of 1:10, 1:50, 1:100 and 1:500. For the Portfolio Program you can choose the leverage based on the sizes mentioned and your trading style.

Trading Platform

Traders can choose from the most popular Forex trading platforms available online. With MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) being both available. Traders can benefit from trading directly from their PC/Desktop or on the go from their android or iOS devices.

Profit Target
$500 $1,250 $2,500 $2,500
Max Loss
$800 $1,600 $4,000 $8,000

The Max Loss is the maximum equity loss/drawdown that the account is allowed to drop to. This can be commonly referred to as maximum drawdown in trading as is used by institutions and funds worldwide to determine risk.

We have no daily loss limits to follow. Your Account Analysis area within your Traders Room will give you direct access to how you are doing with regular updates of your drawdown and profit data along with the number of trades you have taken, the currency pairs you have traded and what you have traded most often, how many days you have traded for and more.

Profit Share
Up To 80% Up To 80% Up To 80% Up To 80%

During the assessment you are paid 15% of the profits bi-weekly. Once you are funded for the first month you receive 60% of the profits. The next month you receive 70% and the following month you receive 80% of the profits. Payouts are paid on the 1st and the 15th of every month to ensure our traders receive profits in a timely manner. We offer four withdrawal methods. PayPal, Worldwide Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency & Neteller. For PayPal payouts are instantly received when sent. For Worldwide Bank Transfer the first payout is typically received within 2-3 business days, once you are then registered with the processor we use future payouts are often received instantly. For Neteller & Cryptocurrency payouts are received instantly within 24 hours.

There are no commissions or fees charged for withdrawals, we cover the fees.

Account Scaling
$1.24 million $1.24 million $1.24 million $1.24 million

The Account Scaling feature is an incentive we use to allow talented traders to grow quickly with us. Unlike trading with your own funds where it can take many years to reach our Account Scaling levels this allows you to potentially grow quicker while also not risking your own capital as we bear the loss. Once funded, all traders begin at FM Level 1 which is the account level you join at. Once the Account Scaling Target is reached, traders are progressed to FM Level 2. When 10% profit of the balance at FM Level 2 is made, traders are progressed to FM Level 3. Traders will be notified about this automatically and their account size will be doubled. Below is an example of the Account Scaling feature:

FM Level 1: $50,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 2). Trader profits $5,000 and is progressed to Stage 2.
FM Level 2: $100,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 3). Trader profits $10,000 and is progressed to Stage 3.
FM Level 3: $200,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 4). Trader profits $20,000 and is progressed to Stage 4.
FM Level 4: $400,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 5). Trader profits $40,000 and is progressed to Stage 5.
FM Level 5: $800,000 Account Size (10% profit required to reach Stage 6). Trader profits $80,000 and is progressed to Stage 6.
Portfolio Controller: $1,240,000 Account Size. Congratulations! This is the final stage and when traders reach this stage with us they are given the title of Portfolio Controller.

As well as any profits made on their account, Portfolio Controllers are offered a fixed salary of $5,000 a month. Portfolio Controllers are offered the chance to mentor our traders and we will assist you in building your brand going forward.

Withdrawal Growth ™

Our exclusive Withdrawal Growth feature allows our traders to grow quicker while not eating into their profits. When you withdraw your profits and are paid out, the profits still virtually remain in your account, (you cannot withdraw this profit again). During the assessment phase we will add up to 4% of your profits each month to your Funded Account balance.

Profits Added To Funded Account

During the assessment phase, all profits you make each month (up to a maximum of 4% each month) are added to your Funded Account. This allows our traders to trade with larger balances once you reach the Funded Account stage.

News Trading
Overnight Trading

Overnight trading is permitted during the week and you can hold positions open over the weekends. There are no trading hours requirement throughout the day that you have to trade between.

Educational Content ($349.00 Value)

Traders are given access to our Traders Room where they are provided with over 30+ trading videos from how to use the Meta Trader platform to risk management and trading setups. As well as the educational videos, resource links are provided along with pip calculator tools, position size calculator tools, charts, economic calendar and more. This is updated regularly to provide the best possible experience to our traders. At DT4X we pride ourselves in not just being a prop fund but being a company where we educate our traders with knowledge which you can carry throughout your trading journey.

No Profit Target For Withdrawals
No Profit Target For Withdrawals

There is no max daily loss requirement placed on our traders.

Trading Instruments
Currencies, Metals, Indices, Cryptocurrency & Energies
Currencies, Metals, Indices, Cryptocurrency & Energies
Currencies, Metals, Indices, Cryptocurrency & Energies
Currencies, Metals, Indices, Cryptocurrency & Energies

With the Portfolio Program you are welcome to trade any instrument that the broker offers such as currencies, metals, indices, cryptocurrency and more! You may hedge any pair and we have no restrictions on strategies such as scalping.

Once Off Fee
$129 $225 $389 $649

We don't believe in charging our traders continual monthly fees as quite simply that just eats into your future profits. Instead to provide clarity, we simply charge a once off fee before you are provided with your funded account. There are no additional fees to pay whatsoever.


Trading Platforms & Brokers With The Best Spreads

Unlike most proprietary fund trading firms, we do not dictate to our traders which trading platform or broker to use. We have a recommended panel of brokers who provide some of the best trading conditions available. 


We allow our traders to choose the trading platforms and conditions that best meet their requirements. We want to ensure that you are comfortable as much as possible and enjoy your experience with us. Traders can trade using the most popular trading platforms including MetaTrader 4 (MT4) & MetaTrader 5 (MT5).





DT4X Trader by the Numbers

You Bring The Trading – We Bring The Capital We Share The Profits!


Risk Of Own Capital


Account Financing


Profit Share


Growth Target

Reasons Why DT4X Trader Is The Best


Portfolio Program

Earn profits from day one. All traders earn 15% of the profits during the assessment. Once funded traders can receive up to 80% of the profits.

Zero Risk Trading

Get funded to trade forex
We take full liability for losses. Your Talent – Our capital.

24/7 Customer Support

Reach us via Live Chat, E-Mail or arrange a call with us.

The Most Popular Platforms

Trade using the world’s most popular trading platforms such as MT4 or MT5.

Great Profit Share

You receive 80% of the profit share, paid to you by PayPal, Worldwide Bank Transfer or Neteller. Furthermore, the profits you make during the assessment are added to your Funded Account.

Overnight Positions

We allow positions to be kept open overnight during the week and during the weekends.

All Forex Instruments Allowed

Trade any instrument that the broker offers. Currencies, indices, energies, cryptocurrencies, stocks and more are allowed.

Account Insights

In-depth analysis is provided into your account where you can see a breakdown of your performance.

Guaranteed Bi-Weekly Payouts

As a Portfolio Program trader you are paid out on the 1st and the 15th of each month. We will monitor your progress and you could be funded up to 1.24m USD. 

Start your trading career by selecting your preferred trading approach.

Take Advantage Of Our Trader Tools

We’ve integrated several trader tools to help assist you. There are apps to help you with analysing the market while providing economic fundamental data, and there are built in integrations to analyse your trading with a breakdown of detailed statistics to help provide an overview of your performance. 
Premium Education
Gain access to our educational content

Videos: Over 30+ videos to help you on your forex journey. Including Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Live Trading Setups and Installation Setups.

Resources: Plenty of educational resource links for our traders to view.

Video tutorials
Account Insights
View your account performance

Indepth Statistics: View your account stats including daily profit, overall profit, drawdown, currency pairs traded, number of trades and much more. Here at DT4X, we pride ourselves on transparency. That's why all our data is taken directly from the MetaTrader statement itself and we advise our traders on how they can view this data for themselves.

Pie Charts & Line Graphs: Accurate graphs and charts to allow you to view your performance history and help you grow us a trader.

Technical Support
24/7 Customer Support

Live Chat: Chat with us on live chat for advice for any questions you may have.

Email Support: Contact us via email here for additional support and existing account advice.

Telegram: Reach out to our trained support team on Telegram at any time.

Our Team
Trader Tools
Custom trader tools to assist your trading

Economic Calendar View and filter through news events and important fundamental data through our live feed.

Position Size Calculator: Use our position size calculator tool to help aid you in working out your ideal position size.

CoT Chart: Look into live Commitment of Traders data to help assist with your future trading decisions.

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Take Advantage Of Our Custom Trading Tools

We’ve created several applications for our traders. Including Position Size calculators to help you manage your risk,
Pip Calculators, Economic Calendars, and more.

Account Overview

We started DT4X with a strong approach to transparency. We were aware that we had to offer our traders an independent analysis of their trading results. This allows the trader to be provided with an unbiased view of their trading performance directly from the MetaTrader platform itself. Our account overview also allows traders to dive into the smallest but crucial data to help give guidance on what can be improved and what can remain the same within their trading strategies.

Customer Support

Providing the best support we can to traders is paramount to us. We strive to assist not just in the process of becoming a DT4X Trader but also when you become a qualified DT4X Trader and after that. Our trained customer service specialists are here to help with any questions you may have. And we are always here for you via live chat, phone, Skype, Telegram, and email.

Premium Education

We provide premium education put together by professional traders with a wealth of experience. The education can be used by beginners and advanced traders alike. From fundamental analysis to technical analysis studies there are enough nuggets there for everyone.

Watch The Video Below To Find Out How Funded Trader Steven Made Over $14,000


We asked our traders how they found out about DT4X Trader. Here is what they said: 

I have checked out various prop firms such as the 5%ers, I went with DT4X Trader because they offered a higher profit share, with less restrictions and more capital available to trade.
Jules H.

Searching for prop trading opportunities I today found your website and have registered for the evaluation. I have looked at others but I like how you offer the chance to hold positions overnight.
Anthony C.

I prefer to trade with MT5 and not many offer this, the great range of brokers available is a huge bonus. The guys really do try and make you feel at home when it comes to trading.
Jordi S.

With my trading style being based around scalping during the London & New York time zones I found it difficult finding another option. You have allowed me to use my trading style which I really appreciate.
Maria G.

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